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The Office: - [drabble]

I didn't say I can't.
Rating: G
Status: Complete [one-shot]
Spoilers: none.
Word Count: 100

Author's Notes:
Completely random; two minutes, one read-through [rachel_lupin is all kinds of awesome], one edit, and 100 words - clearly a first for someone like me.

She stands in the rain for a while. It seems fitting. She's cold and wet and so sad. She deserves to be happy, she's thinking; when she turns and sees him.

It slips out though she holds it in. Internship, she's thinking, New York, New York; loveyoutoolateI'msorry she says but it'strue, it'strue, it's true.

Then she's running, running. She climbs into the car and sticks the key into ignition; presses on gas so hard it's like she's started to move even before the wheels.

Her cellphone rings.

Pam. A breathy chuckle.

She shouldn't have said -

I didn't say I can't.
Tags: drabbles, jim/pam, the office
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